My work reflects a desire to live in the moment and appreciate what is happening as it happens.  I create from an inner voice which has no boundaries or rules, a voice guided by intuition.  My paintings will often start out one way and change, more than once, by the time they are complete. I never have an end in mind, it is an instinctual feeling which allows me to step back and declare a piece finished.

I watch the world around me and take note of colour patterns and inspired beauty.  I am influenced by nature, well worn articles from bygone eras, storytellers and music, light refraction, and the way breezes shift and change moments to reveal something new. I find a humble allure in imperfection and therefore allow the mistakes and spills in a piece to show through.  These “errors” are often the sparks which set a painting off in a new direction and ultimately lead to the final piece. I work in layers of paint, building colour over colour and often incorporate oil pastel and pencil to help create a textured abstraction of thought.

Through painting I find bliss in dirty hands, I am able to retreat to a place where time is my own and turn inwards to explore imaginative thought.  

CV: born March 2 1977

Group Exhibitions

New Glasgow Art At Night; Glasgow Square Theatre; New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada; 2017 

By The Pound; Goodfellas Gallery; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 2013

By The Pound; Goodfellas Gallery; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 2012

South Simcoe Arts Council Holiday Show; Alliston, Ontario, Canada; 2011

Arts on Main; Muscle Matters Massage Therapy Clinic; Alliston, Ontario, Canada; 2011

Twist Gallery; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 2010 (collaborative paintings with artist Robin Luoma under the name Fiendish Thingy)

Solo Shows

The Olde Bulldog Beanery; Cookstown, Ontario, Canada; 2014


South Simcoe Arts on Main, Juried art award: 2nd prize, 2 dimensional art, non-representational; 2011

My paintings can be found in private collections throughout North America, Europe, and Australia