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The Basement Papers

This series was, and is still (as of October 2017), birthed from the depths of my parents basement. It sounds cavernous and dungeon-y but, it's a finished walk-out so, not as dramatic and cobwebby as I make it out to be.

In July 2017 I moved back to Ontario with my husband and daughter after a 2 1/2 year stint in Nova Scotia. We had moved there for a change of pace, to try something new, but it just didn't work out for us. With the Ontario real estate market being completely insane there was no way we could afford a new house right away. So, my parents took us in until we could get settled back on home turf. 

Living here has forced me to get creative in other ways with regards to my art. The majority of my supplies are currently living in a storage unit with the rest of my house. I only brought a minimal amount of gear due to the lack of a dedicated studio space (at the old house I had the entire attic!). I brought along my watercolours, brushes, pastels, pens, pencils, acrylic pens, and paper. 

So here I am, working on a smaller scale in a smaller space but still working! Although I miss flinging my acrylics and oils around on large canvases this has opened me up to exploring watercolour more, experimenting and playing and loving the results.

In this series I'm wandering around the many feelings that come with uprooting and starting over, trying to think lightly in all the tangles and laugh off the heavy days.

Little Bird.jpg

Fantastic Candy

This series came about after watching my daughter get excited over a blue lollipop. Dancing around, face lit up with a smile. It made me think back to what I loved about candy (besides the sweetness), the colours!

My summers were the best candy times. My sister & I stayed with my grandparents in Florida so, naturally, we were spoiled. Their condo was a sandy beach palette but there was always a pop of colour on the coffee table in the form of a big jar of M&M's. We would take trips to the Orange Grove to get juice and always left with the most vibrant orange gum balls. There were bright red cherry balls, vivid yellow lemon drops, rainbow striped sticks of gum, the hues were endless.

Essentially this series represents my memories of the sweetness and excitement of childhood. With a crimson cherry on top. 

My daughter titled all the pieces in this series

A Trip To The Moon.jpg

Thirty Six Seven & One

This series was created when i was 36, going on 37, and my daughter was one. It was an accident.

She would sit in my studio with me while I painted, dumping all of my paint tubes out and scattering them across the floor. One day, as i foolishly turned my back for a second, she let loose on my canvas. My initial reaction was a slow motion "nooo" but then i stepped back and just watched her play. She was giggling and having fun spreading the paint around. That's when i decided I'd try to make it work with what i was painting, incorporate the two.

I would lay the colours out for her on a paper palette and then stand back and grit my teeth. It took a lot of strength and restraint watching her throw paint down over what I had already done. It was a great lesson in letting go, going with the flow, and breathing deeply, really deeply.

Three years later she still loves to paint and I am constantly learning by watching her. Forever reminded to just play.