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I love to get messy!

** NOTE** I’m working on setting up a shop here, on my site! In the meantime please visit my Instagram feed for the most up-to-date news from my studio.

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Still here.

I am a self-taught painter working primarily with watercolour right now. I love to experiment with all sorts of mediums so often throw a bit of gouache and acrylic into the paintings as well. I have always been drawn to art and the arts. Back in the olden days (high school) my parents were told by my science teacher to "keep her in the arts". Right on, guy! Give me books about artists, documentaries about artists, movies about artists, more more more.  A few years ago I was flipping through a home interiors magazine and realized i wasn't really looking at the rooms, I was scrutinizing the art on the walls.  

I am a hardcore Pisces and live a romantic existence inside my head. Major daydreamer. Painting expressionistically gets those romances out and onto canvas and paper...which helps to acclimate me to the "real world" a little better (is it unprofessional to add a wink face there?). What I love about abstract painting is that the story is different to every viewer. You see what you want or need to see in that moment. It's not a certain image that invokes an emotion but colour and movement instead.

I would love to be able to tell a story for everyone with my work.